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Early contractor involvement

ECI is a type of construction contract where the principal contractor is engaged at an early stage in a project to offer input into the design phase. It is in contrast to the design–bid–build model where the contractor is only brought onboard at the end of the design phase.

ECI often offers faster completion, subcontract transparency, early input from the builder and improved cost certainty.

Benefits of Early Contractor Involvement:

  • Attractive to contractors due to collaborative approach and relationship principles.
  • Suitable for large, complex, or high-risk projects.
  • Facilitates early understanding of project requirements, promoting innovation and cost-effectiveness.

When Clients Should Consider ECI:

  • Project risks are hard to quantify, requiring innovative solutions.
  • Tight project delivery schedules.
  • Transition from transactional to collaborative models is desired.
  • Value in achieving innovation and knowledge transfer.
  • Need for cost certainty and transparency.
  • Uncertain or complex design/construction interfaces, requiring scheduling flexibility.

Key Potential Benefits:

  • Cost and time savings.
  • Enhanced opportunities for innovation.
  • Reduced disputes due to relationship principles.
  • Better design-construction integration, optimizing methods, reducing waste, and enhancing safety.
  • Early commitment of construction resources.
  • Earlier procurement of critical items.
  • Improved risk understanding by all parties.

Flightform’s preferred business model embraces this approach, offering comprehensive support for your project, starting from the feasibility stage and guiding you through to a final turn-key solution.

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