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When it comes to complex commercial projects in the Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries, working with a specialist construction company like Flightform can offer numerous benefits.

  1. Expertise
    Flightform is a specialist construction company with years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the materials, tools, and techniques required for these types of projects. This expertise can help ensure the project is completed efficiently, within budget, and to a high standard of quality.
  2. Process & Procurement
    We implement ECI – Early Contractor Involvement – to establish clear build methodology and procurement of materials. This makes for a fast and efficient execution of your project.
  3. Resource
    We have access to specialised equipment and resources and great relationships with suppliers and subcontractors which provide specialist products and skill sets for these projects.
  4. Health & Safety
    Flightform have strict quality control measures in place to ensure that every aspect of the project is done correctly, and we will adhere to strict safety standards to prevent accidents on the job site.
  5. Guarantee
    We guarantee zero cross contamination between food productions, lab testing functions and general critical hygiene areas whilst performing construction activities.

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